OUR TEAM is a group of highly experienced and positive minded Project Managementand Software Development professionals who can quickly lead your team to immediate improvements with Agile/Scum. With over 24 years experience leading Waterfall, Agileand Marketing projects successfully, we are proud to offer Scrum Certification Training, as well as Coaching and Consulting services that mix theory and industry standards with real world experience to optimize your team's productivity, quality and overall satisfaction - all increasing your Return on Investment (ROI).                   

“Malea Corp delivered everything they promised, on time and under budget.  The coaching style and training approach were invaluable in transforming my organization.

Pamala brooks

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OUR PASSION is productivity!!  There is no greater feeling than getting things done in less time with higher quality, simply by removing waste and  optimizing workflow process.

CEO, Trainer & Coach

​OUR MISSION is TO EMPOWER TEAMS, INCREASE SATISFACTION AND IMPROVE OVERALL BUSINESS PERFORMANCE while teaching your organization to sustain the momentum long after we depart our journey with you.  

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