Our Consultants, Trainers and Coaches have experience across most industries and within all areas of an organization.  

          From leading projects, to Agile and Scrum Coaching and Scrum and Agile training, to advising on Project Office structure and Project Management                   practices and leading transformations from Traditional to Agile practices and mindsets, we are seasoned change agents

   coaching & Transformations

We  help you to understand and deliver the changes required to transform your environment into a top performing software organization.

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           project management​

We lead your teams to project success and train existing Project Managers. Your project is delivered on time and within budget resulting in highly satisfied customers and end users.  

Culture, mindset and process transformation 

Empower, innovate, grow, succeed

       TRAINING & Certifications

We provide a broad spectrum of training and certification options to equip your staff with the tools to succeed in an automated, agile environment.